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Dubai RTA Fine: In the UAE, the traffic rules and regulations are strict enough to keep the country’s roads safe and secure. In the case of any violation, you may be subjected to an RTA fine. The Dubai RTA sent a message to the registered mobile number of the vehicle . The service for paying a fine is online. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) quickly updates and sends you the fine details via SMS. You may easily find out which infraction requires you to pay a fee by looking up your license number.

Dubai RTA fine

Here we’ll guide you in detail on how to find the RTA fine online and how to pay the given fee to avoid any further penalties. Being late for paying the fee could lead to the capture of your vehicle and further legal action. It is necessary to pay your fine on time to avoid any legal action. Few drivers are invited to appear at the RTA Department after being involved in significant accidents or serious traffic infractions. Rest can pay an online fee without leaving the space where you are subjected to a fine.

How to Check Dubai RTA Fine Online

Once you receive the message of a violation of traffic, you have to pay your RTA fine. If you couldn’t go to the RTA Department, you can pay your fine online by just entering your traffic and license numbers. Just visit the RTA official website, put your given details there, and press Go to check the details of the fine. Follow these in order to check the Dubai RTA fine.

  • Visit the RTA official website at
  • Click on Fine Pay on right side
  • Go through the four steps of paying the online fee: Search your fine > Review your result. Confirm> Pay

dubai traffic fine

When you go through all the steps, your payment will be done. All the details of the fee and vehicle are shown in detail on the RTA official website.

RTA Details

How Do I Pay a Dubai RTA Fine?

Nowadays, almost everything is online, and here you can easily pay your Dubai RTA fine online in just a few minutes. You need not personally go to the RTA office or make a voucher payment at the bank. Only the people who commit serious traffic violations or accidents are called to be personally present in the department. You can pay your traffic fine according to the text you receive from RTA.

Here, the various ways to pay RTA fines are discussed.

  • RTA official website: You can easily find your state of violation and pay your fine in the simple four steps that are mentioned above.
  • Bank Payment: Authorized banks, such as Mashreq Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Emirates NBD, accept payments for fines.
  • Smart Kiosks: These self-service machines that are installed all over Dubai allow you to do RTA fine checks and pay your fines using cash or credit/debit cards. You can quickly pay your fines through them.
  • Dubai Police App: The Dubai Police App provides a service of RTA fines to its users and one click payment via the smart app.
  • RTA Customer Happiness Centers: If you are having trouble paying your RTA fine online, you can go straight to these centers and pay your fine with ease.

Discount on RTA Fine

You can avail of a discount on the RTA fine if you commit any minor violations. But note that the discount is not applicable to those who commit a serious violation or accident. The discount service is only available for Ajman and Dubai drivers.

  • Here is the detail of getting the discount on RTA fine:
  • Drivers can get a 35% discount on their RTA fines.
  • If the fine is paid within 60 days of the violation, you’ll get a 35% discount.
  • If the fine is paid between the time period of 60 days and 1 year, then you’ll get a discount of 25%.

How do I check my RTA’s fine details?

  • Visit
  • Go to “Fines Payment.”
  • After that, you’ll be redirected to page
  • Enter your vehicle and passport details, and then you can see your fine details.

How do I get a discount on my RTA fine?

You can get a discount on RTA by paying a fine within 60 days, up to 35%.

Can I leave Dubai without paying a fine?

Leaving Dubai without paying an RTA fine may lead to a ban on driving, and you may face legal action in the UAE.

How can I check my UAE fines online?

  • Visit the RTA official website at
  • Click on Fine Pay on right side of the page
  • Go through the four steps of paying the online fee: Search your fine > Review your result. Confirm> Pay

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