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Emirates ID Status: This service allows you to track the progress of a submitted Renewal, Replacement or New Emirates ID Card Status and Application. Emirates ID is an identity card issued by the federal government of federal authority and citizenship for its residence. In this digital age, everything is digital, so the ICA Smart Service initiative, which is overseen by the UAE Visa Residency Office, is an excellent step toward facilitating people’s entry and exit from the UAE. Emirate ID Cards are a legal requirement for residents of the UAE, and they must carry them with them all the time. The Emirate ID card serves different purposes, like identity, entry permits, and obtaining other government facilities.

emirate id card status

Emirates ID facilitates various essential transactions. These transactions include, but are not limited to, opening bank accounts, enrolling in schools, acquiring visas, and performing a wide array of other tasks. Emirates ID has evolved into a multifaceted tool that goes beyond traditional identification. It serves as a catalyst for convenience, efficiency, and security, visible in the commitment of the UAE to embrace technological advancements for the benefit of its residents and people who live abroad.

Guidelines for Checking Emirate ID Status Online

The guidelines for checking the Emirate ID Card Status are very familiar to every resident of the UAE. One must follow these guidelines to access their ID card status online without any hurdles. The ICA Smart Service provides the Emirate ID Card for every citizen of the UAE, which includes personnel information, passport information, and biometric verification of the cardholder’s identity in the country. Follow these step-by-step process to check Emirate ID Status Online.

  • Visit the ICA Smart Service, which is the federal authority for identity and citizenship (ICA). The ICA is responsible for issuing and checking the Emirate ID Status. Just visit the site: https://icp.gov.ae/
  • When you visit the official ICA site, you can see the option of eService on the top bar of the homepage.
  • With all other options, select the option of ID Card Status Inquiry and proceed to the next.
  • Enter all details on the ID Card Status Inquiry page. You have to prompt all details, like the Emirate ID number, passport number, and application number, as per the options given there.
  • Once you provide all the details and all the information is verified, you will be redirected to a page that shows your Emirate ID Status.

Emirate ID Card Status Check

It is very simple to check ID card Status Online through the ICA Smart Service. Just enter your PRAN number to check the status of your Emirates ID Card. This service allows the applicant to check the status of a new or renewed ID Card.

Check Application status

Why Is an Emirate ID Card Necessary?

An Emirate ID card is an identity card that is issued by the government of the UAE to its citizens. It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for one and carry it with them at all times. This card is compulsory for all, and the following are uses of the Emirate ID Card:

  • It is used to get government services in the UAE.
  • It is also used to vote in favor of or against someone in the election of the federal national council.
  • It is used as compulsory documentation during travel within the GCC.
  • It is used as a document to pass immigration through the e-Gates and smart gates at several airports in the UAE.

How do I check my Emirate ID status via SMS?

To facilitate the citizens of the UAE, the ICA has issued SMS tracking systems for Emirate ID Status. Now you can check your Emirate ID Status via SMS by following these easy steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Write the word ”E” followed by a space and enter the “Emirate ID Card” number.
  • Send it to 4488.
  • You will receive a message with the status of your Emirate ID Card.

Step-by-step Guide for Checking Emirate ID Card Status Online

Step-1 : Visit the Official ICA/ICP Portal

emirate status


Visit the official website, https://icp.gov.ae, and enter your Application number or PRAN number. The image above shows you where to enter your application number. You can also see various other services there. The arrow on the image indicates the place where you should enter your PRAN number.

Step 2: Write the PRAN number in the search bar.

pran number

For your convenience, just enter the PRAN number and click on the button Check. This will redirect you to a page where all the information about your application status will be shown on screen.

Step-3: Click to Check the Status of the Application or Emirate ID Card

emirate id statusSee twice that the PRAN number you enter in the search bar is correct. Then click on the Check button to see the application status of your ID card. This will show you whether your application has been approved or is under processing. Or your application is being rejected for any mistake of information.

Check Emirate Card Status Via Helpline

If you have any doubts about the Emirate ID Card, you can be assisted through the helpline. They will guide you through the entire process of your application. You can get all the information you need about the e-Visa service and Status of your application by calling the 6005 22222 UAE Helpline. This Helpline Center will help you get information about your Emirates ID status, Emirates ID number, and personal details, as well as where you can check for more information.

How much does Emirates ID cost?

The details of all fee for Emirate ID Card renewal are given below:

  • The applicant must pay AED 300 for the replacement of a lost or damaged ID.
  • If an applicant applies through the typing centers, he or she must pay a fee of 70 AED.
  • If an applicant applies through the e-form on the ICA website, he or she must pay a fee of about 40 AED.
  • These fees apply to all UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriate residents.


The Emirate ID Status is an important requirement for all citizens of the UAE. People may face many problems while checking the status of their applications. All information is given in this article in a very comprehensive way. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship made this work very easy for everyone to check the status of an Emirate ID Card online with just a click. Entering the PRAN number in the search bar on the site will show the status of the application, whether it has been approved or is under processing. The e-service of ICA/ICP Smart Service has a custom support system that helps individuals frequently.


Can I check my Emirates ID online?

Yes, it is easy to check Emirate ID status online by just entering your PRAN number at the ICA/ICP official web portal at https://icp.gov.ae/.

How can I know my Emirates ID PRAN number?

If you lost or not aware of your PRAN number, you can be assisted by calling the helpline at 6005 22222 UAE.

How do I track Emirates ID post?

Follow these steps to track your Emirate ID posts.

  • Go to Emirates Post’s official portal.
  • Type the tracking number you have received by text message.
  • Click on the blue tab “Track.”

How do I know when my Emirates ID is ready?

To know the status of your Emirate ID, visit the official site, ICA Smart Service, and enter your PRAN number. Click on the blue “Check” button there. Another method is to call the helpline at 6005 22222 UAE to learn about the status of your application.

Is Emirates ID permanent?

  • The administrative fee for the application is AED 30, or $11.
  • The residents pay a yearly service fee of AED 100, or $27, for the Emirates ID.
  • The ID card is valid for as long as its holder’s visa. It can be renewed along with the visa.

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