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GDRFA: General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai is an official website for tracking visa approval status. It is mainly used for Entry permits, Visa applications, Golden visa services, e-passport, Fine Status, Overstay, Smart gates,  Dubai visas, Establishment Support services, Legal services, Port services, Residence services, etc. For the emirate of Dubai, check the status of your visa application and its validity on the website of the GDRFA.gdrfa

GDRFA’s user interface and support services are very impressive. The application procedure is simple to use and understand for people from all walks of life. The status of your visa application and your residence permit are very important services that are delivered to your door. You don’t need to visit the office for an entry permit or residence visa.

What is GDRFA, and how is it used effectively?

GDRFA, an innovative online portal designed by the GDRFA to handle a variety of immigration administrative tasks. This Smart Services portal is designed to meet the diverse needs of visitors and residents in the UAE, from facilitating entry permits to managing residence permits and beyond.

The Smart Services platform extends its offerings to individuals and businesses alike, in addition to its core functions. Navigate through the portal to find the exact locations of Dubai Immigration (GDRFA) offices if necessary. You will also find a wealth of information addressing any legal concerns about Dubai’s immigration rules and policies. It is more than just a portal; it is your one-stop shop for hassle-free immigration services in Dubai’s vibrant city.

Service Offered By GDRFA

GDRFA provides hundreds of services, but we will focus on the most important ones here.

Entry Permits Services

  • Visa Extension
  • Cancellation of a Visa
  • Work visa insurance
  • Visit visa insurance
  • Visa insurance for residents
  • Insurance for a Green Visa
  • Temporary Work Permit

Residence Services

  • Golden Residency
  • Status Adjustment
  • Visa for Permanent Residence
  • Visa Renewal for Residency
  • Data Residency Visa Modification
  • Visa Cancellation for Residency
  • Visa for Family Residency
  • Visa Residency Transfer
  • Green Residency Granting
  • Issuance of Residency without Work Permission

Citizenship and Personal Status

  • Service for Passport Renewal
  • Launch of a Family Book Service

Violator Follow-Up Services

  • A circular regarding a sponsored individual on the administrative list
  • Stop a circular in the administrative list
  • Exit Permit Services
  • Temporary closure
  • Fine collection
  • Issuance of statements

Establishments Support Services

  • Issuance of an Establishment Card
  • Renewal of an Establishment Card
  • Ban
  • The issuance of a representative’s card
  • Renewal of a representative’s card
  • Data Amendment of representative’s card
  • Cancelation of representative’s and establishment card

Legal Services

  • Judicial Authorities Inquiry Service
  • Service for Legal Advice
  • Services for Conciliation and Reconciliation

Port Services

  • Marine Port Services
  • Visa issuing via (Land Port, Sea Port, Air Port)

Mobile Services 150

This service can help you with questions about your residency, entry permits, and overstays. Individuals and businesses can both benefit from these services.

Track Visa Status Online

status trackingTracking the visa status online is easy and fast for anyone. Follow the step-by-step process and get visa status in just 30 seconds, whether it is approved or under process.

  • Visit the official site:
  • Login in to GDRFA
  • Click on the Visa service of home page
  • You will be asked to enter your order number, transaction number, and payment date in the field of search for a request.
  • Fill out the captcha and confirm as human.
  • It will show the status of the visa.

GDRFA Login Process

GDRFA loginThe login process is simple and user-friendly. If you have a UAE Pass, then you can login as an individual, and if you don’t have a UAE Pass, then you can login as an establishment or typing center user.

If you do not have any accounts, click the “Register Now” button on the left side above the login button. You will be redirected to register as a new user. Here, you can register with an EID number or an email. With an EID number, you have to enter your EID number, nationality, and date of birth. If you want to register by email, you have to enter your username, first and last name, email, birth date, password, and password confirmation.

After logging in, your interface dashboard without an account would look like this:dashboard of GDRFA

GDRFA Approval


GDRFA approval

The legal requirement for GDRFA approval is not required for UAE residents anywhere in the world. But its approval for non-UAE residents is necessary, as it requires checking the legal requirements and safety of the country. If you have an Emirate ID card or UAE Pass, you don’t need any approval for your visa status. To track the status of a new application or an existing application, you have to login to your account on site.


GDRFA offers a wide range of services, including entry permits, visa extensions, visa cancellation, insurance, and residence-related services. The platform also makes it simple to track visa status online, with a simple process that takes only 30 seconds to retrieve the information. The GDRFA’s Smart Services portal is a model for efficient and transparent immigration services, contributing to the smooth operation of Dubai’s vibrant city. As technology continues to play an important role in administrative tasks, this online platform sets an admirable standard for accessibility and user satisfaction in immigration-related processes.

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