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ICA Immigration: If you reside in the UAE and would like to track your visa application, simply log on to ICA’s online portal or mobile app with your application number and PRAN in hand.

ICA Smart Services streamlines government processes and reduces paperwork for residents, citizens and businesses, making getting passports, visas and Emirates ID quickly possible.ica Immigration

 ICA Immigration for UAE

The ICA Immigration for UAE is designed to provide online service to residents and visitors to ease the process of immigration. The services that ICA Immigration provides are: applying for new passport or extending the date of existence; renewing the new Emirate ID Card; tracking the Application status of the UAE Pass; and much more. All of these services are provided online in a single website, so you don’t need to go to an office for verification.

How do I get a visa through ICA Immigration?

The ICA is dedicated to facilitating citizens, residents, and visitors of the UAE by offering various visas through its online portal. Services provided include checking visa statuses and extensions of visitor’s visas, as well as tracking applications for new visas. In addition, virtual work residency visas can also be granted for foreign nationals seeking temporary residency status in UAE for an agreed-upon duration.

  • Follow these step-by-step process to get it easily.
  • Visit the official website of ICA.
  • As your first step, create an account by providing personal details.
  • After your account has been approved, you can gain access to all e-services offered by ICA through their mobile app or website.
  • These Services  are all free for residents and citizens; business owners will incur a charge of AED 150.

ICA provides passport management services, enabling residents to apply for new or renew existing passports or request replacements as needed. Residents can also gain customs clearance solutions and update business licenses if desired.

ICA offers Golden Visa services that require nomination from an authorised entity. In order to be nominated, applicants must meet eligibility criteria and provide all of the required documents. Once approved by ICA Smart Services portal, arrival registration can take place and applicants must provide their PCR Test results and COVID-19 vaccination card as proof.

How do I get residency status in UAE?

As a resident of the UAE or working on an employment visa, certain requirements must be fulfilled to maintain residency status. These include renewing passports, visas and Emirates ID cards in accordance with your stay limit. Renewing them through online applications through its Smart Services platform provides complete transparency into applications while saving both time and effort by eliminating travel time to government offices.uae residency

The ICA portal is available 24 hours a day and can be utilized by both citizens and noncitizens alike to apply for visa-related services. Individuals can check permit statuses, update personal information, pay fees and fines, apply for electronic gates to speed airport clearance processes, register labour cards or submit company establishment/licensing applications through it.

Payment Methods

One of the primary advantages of ICA Smart Services is its ability to enable individuals to easily track the progress of their application in real time, either online or via mobile app. This can be accomplished by visiting either a website /mobile app and entering passport or file number information. Payment options also include e-Dirham digital payments as well as other widely accepted digital ones; additionally, blockchain technology could potentially provide added security and convenience.

How do I get a UAE passport online?

As the UAE’s national security agency, ICA’s primary responsibility lies with issuing and renewing passports and Emirates ID cards. To ease this process and reduce time wasted visiting government offices, secure online platforms allow individuals to initiate and track applications directly from home.

In addition, ICA also manages identity documents and assists residents and citizens of the UAE with tracking their visa statuses and renewals. So they may check if they qualify for one before travelling overseas to avoid any complications that may arise. Furthermore, the organization continuously enhances its ICA Smart Services program so as to deliver an even better experience to citizens and residents of the UAE.

For an applicant’s current visa status, simply visit the ICA website or mobile app and enter their PRAN (for new applications) or Emirates ID (renewals or replacements) number into the search field provided on either. A captcha code must then be entered to ensure that this portal is legitimate.

Travelers planning to leave the UAE are also advised to register with ICA for vaccinations that will protect them against infectious diseases that can easily spread here, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads globally.

How do I get an Emirates ID card and check its status?

An Emirates ID is an essential document required of every citizen and resident in the UAE. It is an identity card that provides access to various government services, credit checks, and health care benefits. It carries your 15-digit identification number throughout life. Furthermore, its electronic chip contains personal data stored securely, some encrypted so as to be virtually impossible to falsify. As part of UAE security systems, it allows access to government services as well as credit checks, providing health care access, among other benefits.

For individuals to obtain an Emirates ID card, they must undergo biometric enrollment at EIDA offices and submit all required documents and information. Once their application has been approved, EIDA offices will send the card directly to a local post office for delivery, providing regular SMS updates as to its progress as well as notification when their card is ready for pickup within 90 days, or it will be returned to EIDA and discarded.

When travelling abroad, it is vital to renew your Emirates ID before its expiration. You can do this at one of ICA’s Customer Happiness Centers, online, or using the ICP mobile app. Usually the process takes two or three days and costs about AED 100 for one year of validity. In addition, any changes to personal information must also be reported immediately to ICP Smart Services.

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