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Dubai Visa Check: As soon as you apply for a Dubai visa, you will receive a reference number, which allows you to track its progress online or via offline methods such as the Dubai Now app or ICP service. It is much easier for you to check online without the hassle of visiting the offices.

It is critical to keep track of your visa status because leaving the country before it expires may result in penalties. To do this, visit the ICP’s website. A Dubai visa check is important for those who want to visit Dubai in person or with family.

If You have a Reference number, You can track Dubai Visa Check Immediately

Dubai Visa Check Online 

dubai visa check

The details about tracking the Dubai Visa Check are given here, step by step. Please be consistent and read carefully all steps for better information. Once you have applied for a Dubai visa, you can easily track its status online.

  1. Reference Number
  2. Passport Number
  3. Registered Email ID

Dubai Visa Check With Reference Number

As part of your application for a Dubai visa, you will be given a reference number that allows you to track its progress online. It remains constant no matter whether or not your stay extends; additionally, this number allows you to check whether or not your Emirates ID remains valid.

Dubai Visa Check With Reference Number

Checking your Dubai visa status online or over the phone is relatively straightforward, and can be accomplished easily through both methods. First, obtain a reference number and valid passport before visiting the official website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to enter both references along with the date of birth to view its status. Alternatively, ICA Smart Services portal requires password and captcha verification when checking UAE visa statuses.

Still Not Getting Status of Dubai Visa?

If you are having difficulty tracking down the status of your visa through these methods, contact GDRFA and utilize their service to access your current visa status as well as answer any inquiries that arise. It can be found via Dubai Now App or ICP Toll-free Number 24/7 and should provide proper answers.

Submitting an application requires providing a valid passport with valid stamp, medical certificate, negative RT-PCR report with QR code and proof of income. The total application cost is AED 1,500; processing typically takes three or four working days, after which you will receive an email confirming your passport details and arrival date in Dubai.

Dubai Visa Check Through Passport

As part of your preparations to visit the UAE, it’s essential that you keep an eye on your visa status to avoid delays and problems during travel. Luckily, checking your Dubai visa status is now a simple online task: simply use your passport number to access the official UAE visa portal website and use their handy tool to determine whether it has been processed, approved, or rejected.

Your UAE visa status can be easily checked using several methods, with smartphone apps or websites being the quickest and safest methods available to you. Simply enter your passport number and relevant information, such as other applications submitted, to check its status.

In-person Checking of Dubai Visa

Visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) office or an ICP Customer Happiness Center for in-person assistance. Their websites provide details about specific types of visa requirements: documents required, fees to pay, and processing times. They also provide recommended document lists and will assist with all aspects of the process.

GDRFA Web Portal

The GDRFA website also provides a visa status check service that is free and available 24/7, although technical issues could prevent users from successfully verifying the status of their visa, such as scheduled maintenance or unexpected errors; in such cases, it would be wise to wait a little bit and retry later.

Maintaining an up-to-date record of your Dubai visa status is key for avoiding unpleasant surprises during your travels to UAE. With just a simple online visa check, you can ease any concerns you might have and ensure you’re fully prepared for an adventure in the UAE!

Dubai Visa Check Via Registered Mail ID

Tracking your Dubai visa status is straightforward and hassle-free. First, gather up all the information provided to you from your visa service provider. Get this information, such as receipt numbers, reference numbers, and a registered mail ID that can help track your application, before visiting the GDRFA website to access your account and view your application status.

After entering this information, the site will present you with a series of questions to verify that you are a human being, known as the CAPTCHA verification system. After passing this test, you can choose your tool of choice and check on the status of your Dubai visa application.

The GDRFA website is an invaluable tool for tracking Dubai visa status. With an intuitive design that’s simple to use and an array of services offered, you can easily check your status online. Simply start by entering your residence file number from your passport’s visa page before providing information such as your name, nationality, and date of birth before finally entering a captcha code to confirm you’re not a robot!


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