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Check Visa Status UAE: Are you living in or planning to travel to the UAE and wondering about your visa status? Whether you’re a tourist soaking in the glittering skylines of Dubai or an expat starting a new job in Abu Dhabi, keeping track of your visa status is crucial. Knowing your visa status not only ensures that your stay is legitimate but also helps you avoid unexpected issues with immigration. Let’s dive into how you can check your visa status in the UAE effortlessly!

Check Visa Status UAE

Types of Visas in the UAE

Employment Visa: If you’re planning to work in the UAE, you’ll need an employment visa. This visa enables you to live and work legally in the country and is normally sponsored by your employer.

Tourist Visa: Planning a vacation? The tourist visa is your go-to option. It’s usually valid for 30 to 90 days, depending on your nationality and specific travel plans.

Residence Visa: For those who intend to stay longer, perhaps due to family ties or property investments, a residence visa is necessary. This visa allows for extended stays and is often renewable.

Student Visa: Heading to the UAE for studies? Enrollment in educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates requires a student visa, which is usually sponsored by the respective institution.

Transit Visa: For travelers passing through the UAE to another destination, a transit visa is required if the layover is more than a few hours and less than 96 hours.

Why Check Visa Status UAE?

Check Visa Status UAE is important to avoid any legal issues and ensure visa validity for a safe stay in the UAE. It also provides an understanding of the basic  visa conditions for anyone according to the UAE immigration law.

Avoiding Legal Issues: Staying in the UAE without a valid visa can lead to serious legal consequences, including fines, deportation, or even a ban on re-entry.

Ensuring Visa Validity: Your visa status lets you know if your visa is still valid, expired, or in need of renewal. This information is vital to avoid overstaying your welcome.

Understanding Visa Conditions: Knowing the conditions attached to your visa, such as the allowed duration of stay and renewal requirements, helps you comply with UAE immigration laws.

Methods to Check Visa Status in UAE

There are several ways to Check Visa Status UAE, and these can be broadly categorized into online and offline methods.

Check Visa Status UAE Online

UAE Government Portal: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) offers a comprehensive online portal where you can check visa status in the UAE. This method is convenient and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

GDRFA Website: If you are based in Dubai, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website provides a specific portal for checking visa statuses.

ICA Smart Services: The ICA Smart Services platform is another reliable online method for checking visa statuses. It offers detailed information about your visa application and current status.

Offline Methods

Visit the Immigration Office: For a more personal touch, you can visit the nearest immigration office. Here, officials can provide real-time information about your visa status.

Through Your Sponsor: Your visa sponsor, whether it’s your employer or a family member, can often check your visa status on your behalf. This method is especially useful for those who might find navigating online systems challenging.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Visa Status UAE Online

Let’s break down the process of checking your visa status through the most popular online methods:

Using UAE Government Portal

  • Visit the ICA Website
  • Select “Check Visa Status.”
  • Enter your details, like your passport number, nationality, and visa application number.
  • Click on the submit button and wait for the system to retrieve your information.
  • View Your Status: Your visa status will be displayed on the screen.

Using GDRFA Website


  • Access the GDRFA Portal
  • Choose Visa Status Inquiry
  • Input the required information, like the application number and passport details.
  • Submit the form to see your visa status.

Using ICA Smart Services

  • Visit the ICA Smart Services portal at
  • Find Visa Status Service: Look for the visa status checking service.
  • Fill in Your Details
  • Submit and View Status

Checking Visa Status via Mobile Apps

For those who prefer using mobile apps, there are convenient options available:


  • Download the app and install the UAEICP app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Launch the app and navigate to the visa services section.
  • Enter Your Information: Fill in your passport number and visa details.
  • Check Status: Tap on the check status button to view your visa status.

Dubai Now App

  • Install the App: Get the Dubai Now app from your app store.
  • Login or register.
  • Select Visa Status: Go to the visa status inquiry section.
  • Input all the necessary details
  • Tap the submit button to see your visa status.

Understanding Visa Status Results

Knowing how to interpret your visa status is as important as checking it. Here’s what different statuses mean:

Approved Visa: Congratulations! Your visa has been approved, and you can proceed with your travel or stay in the UAE.

Pending Visa: Your visa is under review. This could mean additional documents are required, or there are delays in processing.

Rejected Visa: Unfortunately, your visa application was not successful. You’ll need to contact immigration for more details or consider reapplying.

Common Issues While Checking Visa Status

While checking your visa status online is straightforward, you might encounter a few hiccups:

Technical Glitches: Sometimes, websites may be down or experiencing high traffic, causing delays.

Incorrect Information: Ensure you enter your details correctly to avoid any errors in retrieving your visa status.

System Maintenance: Occasionally, online systems undergo maintenance, making them temporarily unavailable.

What to Do If You Encounter Problems?

If you hit a snag while checking your visa status, don’t worry:

Contacting Support: Most online portals have customer support to assist you with issues. You can reach out via email or phone.

Rechecking Information: Double-check the information you entered to ensure it is accurate and complete.

Seeking Help from Your Sponsor: Your sponsor can provide assistance or check the status on your behalf.

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